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  1. I think the mixer and the FX loop parts of the chain I'm missing. I'm not sure how to add those on or what they will look like. I use the board itself for set up, not the PC software. but it sounds like the mixer option could help me fine tune the sound.
  2. One issue I'm having so far - So I'm enjoying scrolling through the amp models and hearing the diff tones. I currently have the 4CM running to my amp, kept on the clean channel. The clean tones sound fantastic and the effects on top sound beautiful. The problem is the distortion options - once I start playing with the distortion options, everything just sounds so...digitalized. I may find a dist. that sounds decent, but once I start adding on my wah pedal or another effect, it sounds like i'm plugging straight into a digital solid state effects amp, like, worse than my Roland cube. Is this because of the order of my effects? I currently have on this set up - from left to right - my two distortion pedals, then the phaser, then my amp model, then the delays and reverbs, then the loop. Should I try moving the amp to the front of the lineup or to the very back?
  3. It sounds like an M9 or M13 is the way to go....I know nothing about stuff like this, as I've been a single pedal dude for 12 years
  4. Ok, so let's say I do want to utilize the amp models that are part of the POD HD and i'm running it through my amps effects loop. Will it still sound amazing as a result of my tube amp, or do the amp models completely take over my original tone?
  5. Hey all, I'm looking into getting the HD500X to help consolidate my current mess of individual pedals, but also provide more options. I have a great tube amp (Blackstar HT Stage 60) who's tone I don't want to sacrifice with this kind of product. So, to put it briefly, can I run my guitar and remaining individual pedals as normal (guitar, to pedals to amp) and then run the HD500X to my amps effects loop just like I did with my DD-20? Will this "digitalize" my overall tone? I don't want to use the POD as a preamp nor do I plan to use it direct to PA. I just want to use it as a multi-effects go-to in order to avoid having to have all the individual pedals without sacrificing that tube amp tone. Any info is appreciated, and I'm sorry I'm not as technical on all this as I should be! Steve
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