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  1. Thanks blekenbleu! I will try that, but for this reason and for other apps that need updating, looks like I am going to have to update to Sierra. Nice to know that monkey works there! Michael
  2. thanks all for your suggestions - looks like Monkey behaves similarly with others running Yosemite as per this thread: http://line6.com/support/topic/9239-cant-update-line-6-monkey-on-mac-osx-yosemite/ I've been putting off updating the OS for a while now since I am in the middle of a big project, but it looks like I might have to if I want to get this to work. best - Michael
  3. So far: I downloaded line 6 updater - it ran, and I could sign in but it did not show any devices I downloaded POD HD500x edit - could not install - I am running 10.10 and it indicated (oddly) that I needed 10,5 and above which I have so not sure why that is not working I downloaded line 6 license manager - it ran, and I was able to enter my info, but it doesn't seem to do anything I downloaded line 6 monkey - it bounces in the dock like it is going to open but never does (it bounces for a long time too - 30 sec -much longer than any other app that opens or doesn't) I've switched out USB cables - it is always recognized by the Mac in the system set up. Anyone? Thanks
  4. Thanks for your response and that suggestion. I donwloaded it and launched it and it indicated that it could not be installed because I needed to be running 10.5 or higher. I am running 10.10, so I am not sure what is going on. Michael O
  5. Hello all New to forum, line 6 and pod. Old hat at computers for audio and video Trying to connect POD HD500x to Mac Mini running 10.10.5. the mac can see the POD HD500x in the system diagnostics, so I know it is connected via USB. However, I have had no luck in launching Monkey. I do the control click on it (so that I can have the mac open it even though it does not come from an approved software vendor) and just do it regular. Either way, I get no response - it never opens. I can get the line 6 license manager to run. I've tried restarting. I'm contacting others and doing research about this issue, but I figured the forum is often where the best/fastest info comes from, so I am starting here. thanks Michael O
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