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  1. I want to use POD only as a connector between my guitar and the computer, and then my computer and speakers connected to POD. The problem is that I hear too much in the speakers at the same time: original POD output + POD output affected by the plugin. I don't want the original POD output when I use plugins. After heavy googling, I eventually found out yesterday about a possibility to turn off hardware monitoring in "Line 6 Audio Midi Devices". It kind of does the job for standalone plugins (effects from POD still affect the sound, though, but I can live with that as I no longer hear the original POD output in my speakers and I can turn off effects on the POD). So the issue appears to be solved for standalone plugins. But it doesn't solve my issue when using plugins in DAW, I still have the original POD output there. I will try to do more testing tomorrow, as I didn't have time to check everything in the DAW properly, but I suspect I won't solve that issue this way. I suspect that the original POD output will be leaking into the recording, too, but I didn't get to check it so far so it's only a suspicion. So if you have any advices to give before I go back to testing, it will be appreciated. Maybe there is something more in POD settings that I'm missing?
  2. Hi guys, I want to use plugins like e.g. Helix Native or Bias Amp with my HD500X. But when I set it as an input/output in a plugin, I can only get a mix of both outputs (plugin + HD500X). Is there a way to get output only from the plugin, either by itself or with help of a DAW or whatever else? Thank you for your time and attention.
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