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  1. Hello - I'm thrown off a little bit by the outputs on the back of my HD100. I have 4 ohm out (8 ohm pair or 4 ohm single), 8 ohm out (16 ohm pair or 8 ohm single), 16 Ohm out. I have a 4x12 8ohm G12 celestion cabinet with 2 inputs. Which output from the amp should I plugging my cabinet into?
  2. I was hoping maybe someone could lend me some knowledge. I bought a used line 6 spider valve HD100 with Bogner tubes not long ago. And I am unable to control of the master volume. I wanted to have more manual control over the amp, but as I have read this amp does not work on a manual operation and only with it's presets. So I did find a nice preset that fits me, and I was able to tweek it some and save it. But when I want to practice in the home, I am unable to get control of the volume, it goes from to low, to blasting in your face with barely a touch of the master volume. Is this a heard of problem? Is it a problem with the amp? Or a preset? I'm almost guessing it is a preset, because it seems to not do it all of the time.
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