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  1. Nope: actually I did not read the description, because I'm quite familiar with the actual amp. What I noticed was that it says '59 before "Marshall “Plexi†Super Lead 100 (BRIT PLEXI)," as if the amp was a model from the year 1959, and if you look, you'll see that that's where there year is listed for all of the amps above it and below it: '65 Marshall JTM-45, '71 Park 75 [bRIT P-75], '58 Fender Bassman, etc. Hence it should not say '59 before Marshall “Plexi†Super Lead 100 (BRIT PLEXI). So yeah, what I wrote seems kind of goofy because I didn't notice that the description makes the distinction between year and model number, but that doesn't change the fact that it shouldn't say '59. Probably meant to put '69 there. Anyway...
  2. A couple of minor notes: that's not an S6616 in the photo, and there were no Marshall amps in 1959 (although that's the model number for the 100-watt plexi). Thanks for this, though!
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