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  1. LOL. Right now I have an Eleven Rack which I like for some stuff and a Rocktron Pro Q which take up my little rack case. I am mainly interested in a the POD ProX or HD500X mostly because I like that you can use 2 different amp models at once.
  2. Thank you for the responses and advice. I will have to think about it. I do have a Line 6 longboard for my Spider Valve 212 amp. I am guessing I can use that with the POD Pro if I go that route. It probably will come down to which I can get a better deal on on a used unit. I really don't do much live work so I won't have to worry about the drunks lol. My only issue with the POD Pro (Other than the extra $$) is I don't have rack room so I'd have to just sit it on top of my rack for now.
  3. I'm looking to switch back to a Line 6 HDX. I had a HD500 in the past and liked it a lot so am thinking of the HD500X but was wondering is the POD PROX worth the extra money (I see they're about $100 more plus having to add a footswitch) over the HD500X? Which ever unit I get will be going straight into a PA if that makes a difference. Thanks - Dann
  4. Thanks for the quick response!! This arrived to me with the factory reset done by the guy I bought it from. I had updated it to the 2.0 flashdrive firmware and also tried it with the 1.5. Everything has the up to date files. I actually have my old manual from the head. Anyways, I gave it a try again today and now the customtone files are opening when I download them. No idea why it wasn't doing that yesterday as I haven't changed anything since yesterday. I would like to try one of the DT series out. How are the hi gains on it?
  5. Just got my new used SV 212 MKII and MKII shortboard the other day and tried it out yesterday. When I went to the customtone page for the 212 MKII (HD100 & 112 also) all the amp colors are either red or green and not amber or blue and when I try to load one of them in they don't work. I was able to load in old patches I downloaded a few years ago when I had the HD100 MKII head. Am I missing something???
  6. So I got my used Spider Valve MKii 212 in. I plugged in and started with some cleans and they sounded really good (as expected) but when I tried the distortions it was really not what I was expecting having tried one of these 2 weeks ago. The bass was flubby and muddy and the over all quality was just ok. Kind of like a better sounding Line6 Spider IV. So I go to plug an effect into the loop when I see the problem..... Whoever owned this before trading it in at the music store I got it from online switched the speakers out and put in some Eminence speakers. From all that I found online about these speaker models are they most likely came from a Gen Benz 2x12 cab or one of their El Diablo 2x12 amps. So, I have some speakers to test in there before I decide to try to send it back. I was wondering if anyone had any good cheapish (No more than $150ish per pair) suggestions on other speakers (I am trying Swamp Thangs and Hellatone 60s) incase I can't return it or it will be too much hassle to return it. Thanks - Dann
  7. Just got it in yesterday. Thanks for the congrats and suggestions. Not sure about the castors as I may be sending this back but if I keep it I def will!!! Who ever owned this before switched the speakers out and put cheap crappy speakers in it and the music store I got it from online never mentioned it had the wrong speakers so I have a couple to try (Which I planned on anyways) and if it doesn't sound better then I will see about returning it or exchanging it. Cleans are great just distortions not so much.
  8. Thanks for your input guys!! After taking some time and talking to a few other people I decided on a 2x12. Main reason is that I saw one come up while I was trying to decide that was only about $40 more than the 1x12 I was looking at and in better shape than the 2x12 I was originally looking at. Should hopefully get the amp Thursday :)
  9. After a couple of months of amp hunting and trying a few amps that I am not overly happy with, last week I was out of town and stopped at a cain music store and I saw a used Spider Valve 2x12. I wasn't gonna try it as I had the MKII head version about 4 years ago and though I liked it ok just didn't love it through my cabs. Anyway, I decided on a whim to try it out and next thing I know about an hour went by. I couldn't stop playing it. I really liked the cleans but was really impressed by the distortions. Out of all the different modeling amps I tried out so far this had the best distortion. It popped out to me and didn't sound sterile. I had tried out the 2x12's when new and liked them a lot but they were WAY over my budget. I didn't buy it because there was an issue with the presence knob and also I want the MKII version for more amp choices. Now I really wish I kept the head and got the matching cab..... So anyhow, my "issue" is this.... After looking at various websites for a used Spider Valve I found a couple I am interested in. 1 is a 2x12 MKII and the other a 1x12 MKII. The total price difference is about $85. Is it worth the $85 for the extra speaker? I am mostly going to be doing home recording and playing with an occasional gig here and there and playing death/black metal. Will having the 1 speaker make it sound muddier? Also while on the subject, has anyone with one of these ever tried different speakers? Last thing.... Has anyone tried the head version on a DT50 cab? I have the chance to get one cheap enough that putting together a half stack will be just outside what I budgeted. Thanks for any info Dann
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