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  1. It seems they don't want to use a aby box and wants to know how to do it with just the Helix, I guess they also has a very nice interface which they wants to continue using. The easiest thing to do is just use a send block at the beginning of any patch you want to use, this sends the signal to send 1 which is a 1/4 on the back of the helix and has a dry though which goes on the the rest of the patch, The wet output will send come out of the normal output you have set up. Should make very little difference to dsp usage and quick to add to any patch the send can also to moved to any where in the chain you want it..
  2. Hello All, I am finding the new back up system on the helix hardware really useful as it can do IRs with there positions, and you can choice what to restore. Is it possible to use it to update my presets and IRs in native? I cant see how but I might be missing something. If not it would be a really useful to have a easy way to sync native and hardware to the same presets and IRs (with IR positions) and the backup looks a great way to do if that functionality could be included in Native Cheers Cos
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