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  1. I did make my GuitarPort work on my Mac. The solution to my prior post was simple. 1) Uninstall all Line 6 drivers and GearBox (follow instructions on a different webpage here for uninstallation on Mac); 2) Go to the Software download page on Line 6 website; 3) Choose GuitarPort and Mac OX; 4) Download the Line 6 Monkey; 5) Plug in your GuitarPort, as instructed; 6) Start Monkey and update the Firmware and Drivers from this interface, also register your hardware. At the end you should not see any exclamation points and have everything updated. In the process you will be instructed to unplug and replug your GuitarPort; After this was done, I started GearBox and my GuitarPort was working great!
  2. Hello Line 6 staff and equipment users, While following instructions above it is possible to install GearBox 7.2 on Mac running OS X Ei Capitan, there is still a major issue with GuitarPort. After installing the latest drivers, as recommended, GearBox recognizes GuitarPort, but all I get is the clean unmodified tone out of GuitaPort. All that works in terms of the software control is the volume knob and the bypass button. I have checked to make sure no other software is running on my Mac and that the Sound configured so that GuitarPort is the input and output. Also, I cannot activate any presets, there is some error popping up. There is clearly still a problem. Can you please help?
  3. Here is perhaps a slightly more clear set of installation instructions for GearBox 7.2 on Mac OS X El Capitan. 1. After you download the .dmg file, double-click on it. If you go through the steps, eventually, you will see that your hard drive is not usable for this installation, as several people noted. Do not despair. 2. On your desktop you will see a GearBox disc, right-click on it and open in Finder. 3. From this point on the instructions that were posted previously (by a Polish user) are easy to follow. Right-click on the package and click on Show Package Contents, then go to the GearBox file and install just that one. Then the program will execute the installation of the GearBox application. Note, that this just installs the application. Then you can try to get your hardware to work with the application. Other people have posted here on those other issues, as they encountered them. Good luck!
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