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  1. Awesome info guys! Now I know that this is not like a normal amp sound, but before this I was looking at purchasing a small lunchbox tube head with a 212 with vintage 30s. What do you guys think is going to give the best "amp in a room" feel. Like I said I play mostly metal so I'd really like to get that thump out of it. I was looking at the alto 212 and looks interesting but I also read in another forum that a 212 frfr speaker can get muddy sounding. Thoughts?
  2. Thanks for the awesome replies guys, all the info is much appreciated. I must say I think I am sold on this thing.. I don't understand though, isn't a studio monitor essentially an frfr speaker? What's the difference and which would you recommend to be better for at home use/jamming with a couple buddies? Again, thanks.
  3. Hey guys, I've been on the market for a new amp and came across these modellers like the helix.. now I don't quite understand how it works. I've Played guitar steadily for a few years and have gotten pretty good, i only ever owned a little fender mustang 1 and have outgrown it, I decided I would buy something like a peavey 6505mh (i play mostly metal) and a cab. But now that I see the helix I am back to step one. So what my question is how do these work? Do I need a full amp set up to run this? Or could I just buy a cab and use this as the head?? I mostly play at home and jam with buddies, no gigging. Hopefully my question made sense? Haha
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