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  1. Okay cool, I'll get an hd500 then. Thank man I really appreciate it!
  2. Mybad, Yes that what I meant A and A/B. But I guess I should have said I'm wanting the footswitch to change voicings and not from channel a to a/b, just between voicings on channel A for now. It's a livewire footswitch I snagged from guitar center, im assuming it's probably not compatible and might need the HD500 for what I'm wanting?
  3. Okay awesome, thank you again. Quick question as well, so I would love to utilize channel b when switching from channel a, however, my footswitch automaticall switches to A/B when using it, and I'm unsure of how to set the second switch. The only can I've had prior to this was a blue voodoo years ago, so not to sure if I'm missing something with this particular footswitch.
  4. Hello all, I just recently purchased a used dt25 from Guitar Center about a month ago. I love it, great tones ect., however, I noticed when switching between channel A, clean to channel A/B dirty (4) there's a slight pop, as if you can essentially hear the clicking of the footswitch in the cab. The other is, it seems that no matter what channel I'm on, it defaults and only switches to channel A/B dirty (4). Is there something I'm missing here? I'm using the livewire 2 channel switch from Guitar Center. Is there a reason for the clicking noise in the cab? - btw I bought a brand new 112 matching cab. And, is there a way to to stay on channel A when switching between modes on the footswitch and set the second footswitch for channel A/B only? I am using the in in LVM as well. Thanks
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