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  1. Well, to be honest... I love the sound but I'm not happy with this software.!! I need to uninstall permanent in my Mac. Every time when I open the plugins (Cubase Pro, last version) The cubase is (NOT RESPONDING) And I have months working 100% perfect with my computer.!! That happened before, but two or three times. (Helix Native) Now again I have a couple (or more) hours (Wasted) trying to figure out the problem.!! And finally I decide...No Helix for me. At least this one, Native version. The time will tell me if I will buy and line6 effect (hardware) Sorry but.... I'm very disappointed ..!! Bye I don't want any answer about this or my another question about the Kronos Sequencer and the PODgo. Im really disappointed with the reability of the brand.!!
  2. Hi. I download the HELIX NATIVE trial version to evaluate if work or not for me, because I want to buy the HELIX STOMP. I play Guitar and Keys and I need a Guitar FX unit with midi to control from the Kronos Sequencer: to change between the snapshots (SS) and different values in the blocks. So, to try the sound and the functionality I try with HN (Helix Native) and guys........ This is a complete waste of time.!!!!! My DAW is Cubase PRO last version. I create a new PATCH with only 6 blocks., like HN and using only 3 SS. When you change the SS 1 to 2 or 3, the values are the same. Doesn't change!! Sometimes one of the blocks bypass on/off work... but that's it.!! SO.... If the Helix Stomp work with the MIDI and values like the software, I DONT Want it..!!! I make all the combination. Bypass SS, no bypass SS, Automation the SS just the parameter, save a new patch, close and open again... and NOTHING. IS COMPLETY RAMDOM. Any advise..? Im very disappointing with this functionality. Not the sound.!! Thanks.!!!!
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