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  1. And your Amplifi 75 is still working fine through the Amplifi App ?? jeez .. I've had problems with it for months: 1. Bluetooth Connection drops 2. Inconsistent volume control between guitar and music. Unable to level out the music and guitar to the same noise level, so one is always higher than the other. The guitar sound is almost inaudible, while the music is loud. 3. Also appears to be remove some of the individual feeds (guitar, drums, bass, whatever) while playing music (ie Metallica), such as you can hear guitar but no bass and drums are faint. There have been no recent updates for the Amplifi app for iOS to fix any bugs (which there are). Running iOS 12.1 and Amplifi Device Flash 2.60. Customer support doesn't appear to be on Line6's agenda ... wish they would take a leaf out of Amazon's level of service! It's got to the point where I have almost stopped playing guitar as this is the only amp I have now and to play along with music has ceased! Well done Line6 !! On verge of deleting the App and using the AMP as a doorstop!
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