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  1. Thanks for the response - I updated the firmware. Should the knob LED color always be white or on some models could it be orange/pinkish color?
  2. Good morning fellow L6 Community, I am currently demoing an HSS LPB and an 69s OWH and noticed that the 69s model knob has a difference in the Leds compared to the HSS. For the 69s, the model knob is a shade of orange, almost pink and the tuning knob is green with the exception of my stored tunings which are blue. On the HSS in comparison, both knobs are white comparatively speaking and the stored custom tunings are in blue (the same...). Is it normal for the model knob to be this color for the 69s? Have others experienced these led colors/differences between the various JTV Guitar models(HSS/SSS/59, etc..)? I am not overly concerned although if the LED is showing signs that it may need a repair, the guitar is brand new and I would want it serviced if the LED was on it's way out.. From my experience, LEDs seem to either work or not...so I was thinking perhaps the color was by design,. BTW - I am really, really, enjoying these guitars very much being as an active gigging musician with a Helix, simply amazing! I use a Banjo for one song, a Mandolin for a few a more, acoustic guitar on a few, slide on a few (Open D), Open G on a few and the number of instruments to accomplish this ranged from 4-5 at times... I really only need to take one guitar now with a backup!! I will keep my die hard Fender American strat I bought in the 80s, Gibson LP, Martin acoustic, casino, mandy and Deering banjo but based on my recent experiences and the flexibility of this guitar for a gigging musician in a cover band, I am going to sell a few guitars off and have one or both of Variax guitars as my go to performing guitars. Very happy with fit and finish out of the box with little to no setup required (okay the nut on one is a little to low...) - just a tad high with the action, I decided to keep it for now to help with slide.. - will save some more thoughts for another article at some point:). Thanks in advance for any comments or thoughts!
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