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  1. Yup totally understand! haha. I guess that means I can put as many external pedals (drives, compressors,boosts) BEFORE the Stomp, and NOT after the Stomp since I'm using it as my amp(s) out? Would a signal chain like this make sense? Deep 6 Compressor > EM Drive >Bondi Sick As > External Input 1 of HX Stomp > HX Stomp amp & Effects Signal Chain> FOH El Cap/Big Sky > External Input 2 of HX Stomp (placed into one of the 6 slots of the signal chain)
  2. Hey guys! First time poster here, and happy owner of a Helix LT! Mad excited when I saw the HX Stomp being announced cause it made me wonder if I could possibly have another setup with other pedals that I love! So, as stated, the HX Stomp allows for 6 active effects at a given time. It also allows for 2 inputs for expression pedal(s), switches or, I'm guessing, other pedals to be included into the signal path? My question here is, what if I wanted to use MORE than just 2 external pedals alongside the HX Stomp, but have the HX Stomp be my main amp+cab+ir sound when it outputs? Here's a list of effects I'd want, and maybe you guys can help me figure this out! EM Drive (external drive) El Capistan (External delay) Big Sky (External reverb) Minotaur (HX Stomp) Vintage Delay (HX Stomp) Cali Compressor (HX Stomp) Dual amps (Hx stomp) IR (Hx Stomp) How would this array of pedals/effects work as a signal chain? How many external pedals can I actually chain up and put into the HX Stomp, WITH it being my amp modeller into FOH? THANKS IN ADVANCE <3
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