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  1. I recently bought a used JTV59p Goldtop. Everything is working as expected, with the exception of the pickup-switch. When in Magnetics-Mode, everything is fine, but in Modeling-Mode, only the middle and top-position switch to their respective models. The down-position does nothing. Ive tried reflashing the Firmware, to no avail. Everything is at it's latest Version. I have read that other people seem to have had the same problem. What kind of solution can you suggest? Will i have to send the guitar to line6 to be repaired, all on my wallet because the warranty should be pretty much void by now? Maybe i can just buy a new Switch, and have my local repair guy do the replacement for me? If so, where can i get said switch? Or can that actually be done by line6-staff only, for reasons of being too complicated for a non-specially-trained, regular guitar-tech (which, in this case is a very good one,i must add)? Any and all help and suggestions will be most welcome! Thx in advance!
  2. @eenymason: thx, man, i managed to snatch it up, for a decent price even. pried it from the seller's hands for a fixed amount instead of waiting for the end of the auction, only to be outbid last minute. had that happen to me once too often... not this time! so thx again, buddy, you really helped me out there! didn't think for a minute that this posting was actually going to work as well as it did. well, just goes to show that you never know... anyway, case closed, goldilocks is on it's way to papa, and the brandnew JTV is - probably - going to be returned to sender unplayed, maybe even with the box unopened.
  3. thx a bunch! of course, this comes exactly the day after i pulled the trigger on a new TBS JTV59... what else... :D i still think i'm going to go for this one, though, after all i am going to need a backup of some sorts (at least that's what i tell myself, ha ha :D )
  4. Thx for the Headsup! :) Maybe I should have stated that i am located in Germany, but am certainly willing to cough up the money for s/h to Europe. Alas, seeing as they seem to be rather sought after and only very, very few available from time to time, maybe i should kiss the idea goodbye altogether and just settle for either a black or tobacco one. Unless some offer comes flying in rather shortly now, I think i will just go and pull the trigger on either of those options for now, and depending on wether i think i'm going to need another variax as backup or not, and wether or not i happen to come across a goldtop by accident, i might go for one then.
  5. Hey everyone, i decided i'm going to get a JTV for one of the bands im playing in (a covers-gig). Had my eyes set on the gold p90 one, unfortunately it's been out of production for quite a while now, as i see. Which is a pity, as it's an absolute stunner... So, in a nutshell, if anybody here is considering parting with his, i'm definitely interested in picking it up, for a good price (provided it's in good condition and working as expected). Drop me a line here, or you may also contact me at bluepowder@gmx.de, and we'll work something out. Thanks for now! :) Regards, bluepowder PS: if this is in any way, shape or form against the rules of conduct for this forum, i apologize and assure you that it's not going to happen again ;)
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