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  1. Hello friend, I happen to have the victory v4 kraken and thinking of buying the line 6 hx effects. I would like to ask you if you can connect the Pedal/Ext Amp of the Line 6 HX effects to the Remote Switch of the V4 pedal with a stereo cable and control the channel switching of the V4 pedal from the Line 6 hx effects (you have to select amp switching in the line 6 HX effects as I've read in the manual). Have you tried this? And if so, does it give you 3 options on the V4 pedal? (Pedal Off/Bypass, Pedal On/Channel 1, Pedal On/Channel 2). Thank you for your time, I would really appreciate it if you tried this if you haven't already (you'll need a stereo jack cable)
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