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  1. Hi all, I've got a Variax Standard, and while I love it, I need to lower the action on it a bit. I've read somewhere that I need a 1.25mm Hex Key to adjust the action, but I'm struggling to find where to get one in the UK. Anybody any ideas? :) Thanks, Tom
  2. Well, I haven't changed any Global Settings so I would assume it's already set up correct?
  3. Hi all, First time poster, and I couldn't see anything on what I'm asking but if it is, I'm sorry! Trying to reamp with Helix via USB. I've set up 2 Audio Tracks, one as Input 1 (for normal Helix sound) and one as Input 7 (for dry signal). However, nothing is being recorded on Input 7. It's not that it's quiet, it's that it is non-existent. I've record armed both tracks and I'm just getting nothing. Struggling to see anything already raised on this issue as most people seem to get something recorded on 7... Any ideas? Thanks :) Tom
  4. Hey all, First time - just bought a Variax Standard and Helix with a VDI cable. However, the VDI cable I bought doesn't connect properly. One side of the cable fits absolutely fine, but the other side doesn't fit at all. Both ends look exactly the same, but one end will connect into either the Variax or Helix and click into place fine. The other side doesn't click at all, so I'm at a loss with it. Any ideas what's going on? Have I got an old cable or something? There doesn't seem to be any information on this being an issue before? Thanks, Tom
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