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  1. Is there any special set up with the fbv short board mkii that I need to do to use it with the mki 212?
  2. Thanks - yeah, I found that too. But it doesn't really address the original Spider Valve. It does say that they are compatible, but that is it. I guess I will work with the understanding the Function buttons should be the default Comp and Amp on/off. Just got them both so very much still learning. I made the mistake of resetting the amp to factory - now all the cool presets that made me want to buy the amp are gone.... So now, I am looking for tables of how others have their tones since I can't upload tones straight into the MKI.
  3. I got a great deal on an original Spider Valve 212 (MKI) and I also found an FBV short board MKII. Online they said that they are compatible but I don't see any documentation helping me understand how to use them together. This is my first Line 6 purchase and I'd like to dig in. Can someone help? Do they need to be configured together? What does function 1 and function 2 do? When I change banks, the name keeps flashing. So when I hit A,B,C,D, it goes back to what those were programmed in on the amp, not the corresponding bank I thought I was going to. Help? Thanks!!
  4. I am about to purchase a friends Spider Valve 212 (MKI). I was told (not by my friend) that I might be able to plug in the FBV shortboard and use the USB plug in to use the Edit program on my computer to aid in editing the presets. Is that true? I cannot find support for that online. Thanks in advance.
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