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  1. I tried the above. When I used a 4CM preset, I lost use control of my tone knobs. With the above setup if I used a regular (non 4CM) preset I lost control of my amps volume knob. I don’t know if my HX Effects is bad or what. I’ve just about given up on this thing. It doesn’t seem to do anything well to be honest. 90% of the effects are cheesy and sub par compared to the actual effects it emulates. Was hoping this would be something that would be easier than lugging a big pedal board around but it’s much more trouble than it’s worth. I bought this thing new from Sweetwater. It’s been used lightly probably 3 times. I’m going to sell it and move on. It’s just not worth the hassle to me. Thanks for your help. I do appreciate the advice that was given. If you know anyone that wants a brand new HX Effects at a good price let me know.
  2. Thanks lungho. I saw that thread in my search but I don’t think that guy really knows either. He seems to be asking if those are the proper connections himself.
  3. I am trying to connect my HX Effects to a new Roland JC-22. It has stereo front inputs and a stereo effects loop. I have tried the 4 cable method but I do not get stereo effects. I have also tried the 7 cable method substituting the JC22s stereo input and stereo fix loop for what would be the 2nd amp in 7 cable method. Neither of these worked properly for a stereo amp. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have searched everywhere but have found no answer concerning this particular situation.
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