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  1. Thanks Mark. I think the power supply is ok. The voltages around the voltage regulators on the preamp/effects board are what they should be. I guess something on that board caused D1 to toast. Repair is likely to cost more than a SH amp head. I may give up and put it on Ebay as not working.
  2. My Spider iv 150 died with a pop and a puff of smoke. I found that D1 on the power supply board had disintegrated. I replaced it copying the polarity of D2 but that diode failed immediately. Now with a new diode reversed when switched on all front panel leds light up but after 10 seconds they go out one by one. This occurs with or without the power amp board connected. What is the correct polarity for D1? A sketch would be helpful. Any ideas on the cause of the initial failure would be appreciated. Thanks.
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