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  1. Can I use the Spider V 120 MKII with my Helix as an FRFR?
  2. I have a Helix and love it. Do the new Spider amps have all the amps the Helix has? Also, effects and cabs? Talking about the 60 & 120. Played around with the 60 in the store for 10 mins. Killer cleans but didn't have any factory heavy sounds I liked. But I can get them with my Helix. Just want to know if I can get the same tone from these as I can with my Helix. I only need the amp and a few effects. I know these can't chain together as much as the Helix.
  3. Booma5150

    QSC K10.2

    I was just looking at the K10.2 for my new Helix. What was the result? Was also looking at JBL's.
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