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  1. ok thanks will try and get back to you. im not so sure myself either to be honest.
  2. Hi all ive just bought a JTV59 second hand. all is working fine with it except for the mag pickups, only the neck pickup can be heard. switching to the mid position or bridge position theres no sound. well if you turn the amp up massively you can hear a faint sound but basically nothing. the same selector switch works perfectly well for the variax sounds. im not a guitar tech at all by any means!! would anyone have any pointers as to what this is. the guy who sold me it reckons it could be dirty pots inside? maybe?? BTW apart from that the guitar is an absolute beaut. the mags play and sound amazing. loads of sustain. and variax sounds great too... thanks D
  3. ok. might work. to be honest i dont hold much hope for that. usually when trying to tweak on something like that it can go a bit pear shaped to be honest, you end up tweaking and tweaking and then wondering are they different or are you just going crazy,. or were they different at all to begin with.. your ears just get tired and you dont know what youve got in the end.. d
  4. ok thanks. Major major bummer then!!! because it means if I want to avail of the program switching capabilities that the HD500/Variax combo brings, then i have to settle for the inferior sound quality of the guitar through the VDI cable rathern than 1/4'. Which im not willing to do, so i may aswell just get a Variax A/B box and stick with my Vox Tonelab FX unit :(:( :( D
  5. ok thanks for that. ok theres an additional prob i never even thought of !! but if its just a mono 1/4' jack, not a stereo one so theres no power going to it or anything like that. its just literally taking the normal mag pickup sound from the JTV out to the normal 1/4' port on the HD500
  6. Hi I'm new to this forum, and new to Variax + HD500 aswell. Was hoping people could help me out here - please . I want to use Variax + HD500 for live use. so , with the Acoustic Variax, DI'ed into the PA, and with the mag pickups running thru the HD500 and also DI'ed into a different channel of the PA, but if the pickups dont sound good enough DI'ed i will send the elec sounds to an amp. I hear the VDI cable is great for changing data on the Variax, but that the soudns through that cable sound alot worse. Ive heard the difference and to me, yes i can hear it and i cant live with that difference... so i want to use the 1/4" jack for the sounds. So here is (finally!!) the question : Can i use the VDI cable to power the Variax and to transfer data. But the 1/4' jack for SOUND. So for example if i go to preset 1 on the HD500, can it send a message to Variax to switch to acoustic guitar. Then that preset 1 routes the sound to say output 1 of the HD500, which is then routed to a channel on the PA which i have reserved for acoustic. Then I go to preset 2 on the HD500 and it automatically tells the Variax to switch to the mag pickups, and preset 2 is set to route to output 2 of the HD500, which is routed to a different channel on the PA (or to a guitar amp if needs be) Then for different electric sounds i just copy present 2 across and change my effects or whatever... And for bonus points!! if i wanted the acoustic and electric output signals to be stereo!! is that possible.. were talking 4 outputs then, or at least 2 x stereo. Remember for sound transfer i am talking always with jack cable. im notinterested in running sound thru the VDI, only data to tell the Variax what to do. Sorry , so long winded and probably confusing. really hoping someone can help me out here. thanks D