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  1. Thanks. Yes, i tried all the usual. Upgraded app and fw on the amp. Even used my wifes samsung galaxy S5 to see if it was better on that phone. Forgot the phone and reconnected several times. I do have a watch connected to my phone via bt and a couple other bt connections. When I turn them all off it does better but still very slow loading presets and default tones. I keep the phone right on the amp as if I'm any further away it starts losing connection and has to reload and that takes along time to reload. I like the concept and some of the amps a lot, but if there isn't a plan to update the sw from line 6, I'll sell it. I heard it works better with an IOS devices.
  2. Good for you. Not my experience. Thanks for sharing. Do you like the helix?
  3. The BT connection the app has with my phone (lg g4 and i used a Samsung note 5) is terribly slow. It takes a minute just load the default tones. And then it resets... Two different newer phones all on latest sw and the amp (amplifi150) is on the latest fw. This could be a great app, and given it ia the primary interface to the amp it is also a deal breaker. Please tell us you are going to address the issue. A simple change that could help with the issue is to save the configuration to the phone so it only needs to reload if something changes instead of reloading from scratch every time.
  4. Me too. Latest android 6. LG G4. App keeps loosing connection and takes like a minute just to load tones. Given this is the primary interface with amp control it is maddening.
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