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  1. Thanks for the help guys. TheHelix is set to "Multi" on every patch. It works great 1/4" stereo into the amp this way and sounds phenomenal. Can't go XLR into the amp from the Helix. I wanted to go 1/4" into house from Helix. Maybe I will try XLR from amp into house and hog two channels? The L6 cable is a separate setting on this version (2.210). When I switch it to L6 Digital, nothing works with the amp. I'm thinking I have no choice but to try and get this confusing update done. That's not a bad thing I know, but something I surely didn't anticipate with the 212+. My Roland Chorus will actually do what I need it to do with very good sound without all the trouble for now. Again, you guys are incredible here at the forum. I'm sure I'll get it sorted out soon. Thanks for all the help!!!
  2. Thanks! I need to find the manual! You guys are the best!!
  3. Thank you Phil! How does one access the audio block in the Helix?
  4. Thank you very much for the reply! When I connect the L6 to the 212+, nothing comes out. It works spectacularly with 1/4". If you know of how I can simply activate the L6 cable from Helix floor or 212+ ,please send instruction if you can. I can do backup soon there after. I have a gig this Saturday and would just like to use existing parameters until that is done for simplicities sake and time limitations this week. Thanks again!!!
  5. Great point. It is the 21st Century after all :)
  6. I have a Helix Floor w/2.210 Firmware. I also have a PC 212+. Before I go through the "update" to 2.80, is there a way I can use the L6cable without doing the update? It seems strange to me that the Floor has a L6 port but is not capable of using it with the 212+. BTW, with 1/4" cable in, the 212+ sounds fantastic as is. The only reason I purchased the L6 cable is I have to use the 1/4' cables to get true stereo in the house board and want stereo output from the 212+. Great products, game changer for live sound! Thanks for any advise in advance!!
  7. Thank you again for the help with this. I can see this is a very friendly forum. Glad to be here!
  8. Thank you for all your help! Merry Christmas!!
  9. Thanks for your help Gentlemen! I will give this a try. I'm not the best at this, as you can tell. I should backup the existing Helix first, then update, then reinstall the data? Should I use the Line 6 Updater? I'm afraid I'm a complete novice at this. I have 2.2 firmware. I am not sure how to do a backup on the original, but I have all the files saved in my computer
  10. Hi! I bought a Helix Floor right when it came out. It's a fantastic unit, giving me great flexibility. For the last two years, I have carefully crafted patches for each guitar in my collection. Many hours spent having a blast. I am finally ready to update my live sound in the band I'm in, taking a personnel change to integrate the Helix into the group. I purchased a Power Cab 212 Plus. This was when I realized the limitations of my knowledge concerning Helix and hope that I can somehow use the existing patches. to get true stereo output through House (PA), I need to run the 1/4" pair to the stereo channel. I purchased a L6 Link Cable to run the Helix into the 212 in stereo. I now see that I have to update my Firmware to utilize the L6 cable. This appears to be a bad solution, wiping out my hard work with a device that is hardly two years old so I can utilize the 212 to its fullest potential. Is there any way that I can update my poor "old" Helix floor from 2017 to be able to use the L6 cable from Helix to amp without destroying or losing use of old patches?
  11. Thanks for the help, very cool! Gives me something to play around with!!
  12. I hate tp be a bother, but is their an example of this: On Helix, at the point in the signal flow where you want to insert the ME-80, add a Send/Return > Mono > FX Loop 1 block. So my understanding is I can have the ME80 basically as a block inside any patch I like?
  13. Wow! You are great. Will give it a try and report back! Thanks for the help!!!
  14. The Helix has been such a great tool. I am just beginning to tap into how I can control other effects with it. My next quest is to use my Boss ME80 with the Helix. Can I simply cable it to guitar out or should I use Effects Loop for better results? Also, how would I connect any scenario? Thanks for your help!!
  15. ow! It really is that simple....duh :) Thanks so much for the help!!!
  16. Hi All! I am brand new with this unit and have been getting great sounds out of it. It will be replacing my band rig a lot sooner than I thought. One thing I would like to be able to do is to still utilize my MC404CAE wah through the effects loop, which is very simple and straingt forward to hook up. I have a couple of questions: Do I have to create a new "wah" or "FX" setting in each patch or can I set up to utilize the wah in every patch? I'm thinking I have to add the FX to every patch that I what to use the wah in, so how do I do that without disturbing existing effects in the patch? In light of my newness, how can I simply add a wah from the great selection of waks in the Helix? I can't seem to make the patches work right or the pedal. Thanks for your patience with my noobie questions!! John
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