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  1. Is this potentially an audio interface issue? When I travel I use the iRIG HD and Helix Native. At home the LT. The LT does not have this issue and I can run Reaper, HX Edit, Spotify etc. all at the same time. Does anybody use a different audio interface and can run Spotify and Native at the same time?
  2. Aloha, I was hoping I could use Helix Native in my DAW (Reaper) at the same time as a music streaming service (Spotify) to jam along to songs. Both work individually but as soon as I open Native, Spotify stops playing since Native is causing a ASIO conflict. I know that there is a windows limitation to use ASIO in windows (one at a time) and I did download ASIO4ALL. I would assume this issue exists for every DAW and not just Reaper since it's a windows limitation, but its seems odd that I can't use what seems like a very simple configuration. I am sure I am missing something. Could any of you help please? System: Windows 10 Reaper Helix Native ASIO4ALL iRIG HD audio interface
  3. Only if you route it directly to your front of the house guy I think. If you only have the amp on stage I do not believe you will hear a difference. Jason made a very good video about it. Check it out:
  4. Correct - I meant boost the output level in your patch (likely the Multi Output setting in your patch). Doing this works great for me and adds plenty of volume (same for adding a gain block in the patch if needed). Hope that helps - if not I have no other ideas either.
  5. Aloha - I was wondering if anybody is running the Korg minilogue directly into the Helix, and is using the Helix as an audio AND midi interface into your DAW (Reaper). When I connect the minilogue via USB directly to my computer, and run the minilogue's audio into the Helix everything is working fine. However, if I run the minilogue's midi and audio into the Helix I am experiencing issues. It's best explained with the video below by Kenny Gioia. I am following all steps exactly as explained - again, via USB it's working fine. The USB cable I have is very noisy, and I would like to use MIDI cables instead. When I connect the minilogue Midi In/Out with the Helix Out/In, I am experiencing the following: 1) The setup around timestamp 2:50 - 3:10 in the video below does produce a constant midi feedback loop that renders it unusable. I can fix it by changing the routing temporarily to another midi channel, and change it back to the correct midi channel when I am ready to print the audio. This issue does not exist using USB. 2) I am experiencing random crashes of HX Edit (error: "unit was disconnected"). The actual floor unit does not crash and I can still run audio for a guitar and the keyboard through it. However, the HX Edit crash does cause the midi data transfer to stop (audio continues). I need to restart the floor unit and HX edit to fix this issue
  6. Did you try to adjust the output level directly? You can boost it up by +20db which adds significant volume if needed. If that's not enough, adding a gain block to your chain can add another +12db.
  7. Aloha - I am running the Helix LT into the PC+. I am also using the LT as my audio interface and have an analog Keyboard connected to it. Any concerns with using the PC+ as my Studio Monitor when I add the Keyboard? I would assume in Flat mode it should work but I am not sure if my keyboard might produce any frequencies that could damage the PC at a certain level or that will not be reproduced accurately. Since it is a FRFR unit with a range from 70Hz to 20kHz I was wondering what you guys think.
  8. I figured it out - DUH: "press mode" would help......
  9. Aloha! I am using the Helix LT and was wondering if I can display the Stompboxes I assigned to a Footswitch and the Snapshots I created on the same main LT display, without the need to switch views. I did change the global settings to "Stomp/Snap" under the Footswitches menu, but I still either see 8 Snapshots or 8 Stomp slots on the display. I can switch between both views, but can't get 4 of each on one screen (top 4 - Stomp; bottom 4 Snap). I believe I saw this as an option on the regular Helix and can't seemto get it to work on the LT.
  10. That worked - thank you. I think I got caught up thinking that I could use "PC Edit" with a MIDI cable in the same way I can use PC Edit when I connect the USB into the PC. Using the Command Center on the LT and assigning a "Program" under the "Bank / Prog" command did work. For example "Program 3" is the Cream Cab on the PC. Saved and it worked. Thank you again!!!
  11. Should I not be able to control the PC directly using a MIDI cable, similar to what I do with HX Edit and the Helix? Said differently, when I plug in the USB into the PC Edit I can change IR, presets etc. I thought I can do the same via a MIDI cable from the LT.
  12. Yes - USB from Helix LT into USB on Laptop. I am trying to use PC Edit there. Midi Cable out of LT and in PC I was trying to use Edit through that setup.
  13. Hi Guys - I have a problem connecting the Helix LT into the Powercab + via MIDI (AES cable for sound works just fine. I have a MIDI cable in the "Out / Through" of the Helix and the "In" on the PC. Based on what I read here it is supposed to work but when I pull up the PC Edit it reads "No Device Connection" and I can't get it to work. I was trying to find similar topics but it seems as if most folks here can connect and had issues with the Command Center. I can't even get to this step and are stuck because of the "no device connection" issue. My MIDI knowledge as close to none and I need help! Thank you all!!
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