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  1. Here´s another question: As already said that´s the Setup: 1. Guitar>Helix guitar input 2. Helix Send>JMP-1 guitar in 3. JMP-1 Send>Helix Return 4. Helix 1/4 out>Marshall 9100 poweramp Input As soon as I activate the send and return loops of the Helix, I get a terrible hum. It´s rather low with the JMP-1´s clean sound and terrible with it´s distored sounds. Even if I set my guitar´s volume to 0, I get that hum. I´ve tried the JMP-1 and the 9100 alone and there´s very little noise, just normal for tube amps. So they are okay. I´ve already seen, where the noise comes from: It´s the cable that goes from the Helix send to the JMP-1 guitar input. I´ve tried different cables, but no change. If I move the cable around the hum changes very much, just like it´s an antenna. I´ve already disabled WLAN in the room, just to make sure, it doesn´t influence anything. I´ve set the send output Level to lower settings, but the signal/noise ratio stays the same. Hum is lower, but my guitar sound also. I´ve tried different wall sockets, but no change. Any ideas, what I could do?
  2. I just love the JMP-1 and will continue to use it. Maybe until I find a lead sound in the Helix that is better. But there are so many possibilities that that could take a while. Especially the mids in the JMP-1 are very flexible and I set them to a higher value than probably most other people. And that special sound is not easy to achieve, because the mid controls of most other amps (and also the Helix) react different IMO. Of course I could also use an EQ in addition. So time will tell..... I also know now, why I was told to use Return 2 instead of Return 1. If you set the level to instrument or line, it´s always for send and return in the LT. So, if you want instrument for send and line for return, you have to use different send and return loops.
  3. Dave, thanks for your help! That makes sense. But one more question: You said: "........then connect the JMP1 1 send to Return 2 on the Helix, and set it to "line"." Why "Return 2" and not "Return 1"? What´s the difference between Return 1 and 2 on the Helix LT?
  4. Yes, I want to run some effects in front and some after the JMP-1. This works perfectly right now. I was just wondering, wether using the "Output" instead of the "Send" would make any difference.
  5. I have a Marshall 9100 poweramp, a JMP-1 and the Helix LT. Right now it´s set up like this: 1. Guitar>Helix guitar input 2. Helix Send>JMP-1 guitar in 3. JMP-1 Send>Helix Return 4. Helix 1/4 out>Marshall 9100 poweramp input Can I use the JMP-1 Output instead of the JMP-1 Send (in step 3)? If yes, what´s better and why?
  6. Thanks for the quick reply! Would this device also work? http://digitalaudioservice.de/triton-audio-phantom-blocker.html I´m asking, because I´d like to buy from a german dealer, because I live in Germany. Do you know, what the german word for phantom power blocker is? I cannot find such a thing.
  7. Thanks for all your replies, guys!! Why do you think, it´s NOT a solution?
  8. I want to connect the Helix LT to a mixer via XLR output. The manual says that I have to switch off any phantom power. In the mixer, however, this can only be switched for all XLRs. Can I use a XLR to jack adapter and plug the Helix into the jack input fo the mixer? I cannot use the 1/4 output, because I need that to go into my Marshall. Can I use this one: https://www.thomann.de/de/pro_snake_tpa_1003_fj.htm?ref=search_rslt_Klinke+XLR+Adapter_259701_3
  9. I have a Marshall poweramp "5881" (50/50), which has 2 voice settings, that can either be switched with the switch on the front panel or via cable. I want to do the latter with my Helix LT. In the Helix LT manual I read: "Connect EXT AMP 1/2 only to amplifiers that utilize "short-to-sleeve" footswitch inputs. Connecting to any other sort of input could cause permanent damage to both your amp and Helix LT!" The Marshall manual says:"....short to ground...." for the voicing switching Jacks. Since I don´t understand much about electronics........can I connect the 5881 and the Helix in oder to switch the Marshall "voice"? Or does this kill my equipment?
  10. Can you tell me, how to connect my equipment with the 4 cable method for my 2 "scenarios"? - How to do it, if I use the H/K Tube 50 - How to do it with my JMP-1, Marshall 50/50 poweramp, 4x12 speaker. In this case, I want to be able to either use the Helix LT and the JMP-1 (Helix for effects and JMP-1 for distorsion. Marshall 50/50 as poweramp) or just bypass the JMP-1 and use only the Helix LT and the Marshall poweramp.
  11. What´s not "normal" to me is how ultra-thin everything sounds. And that applies to all presets. Aren´t there any presets that are specifically for Helix LT>Combo amp? I´ve also tried to set up something simple: only a "Solo Lead OD Preamp". Terribly thin, no matter, how I set bass, mid etc. If I plug the Helix into the H/K´s FX return instead of the H/K´s guitar input, it sound richer, but still not acceptable. The H/K´s lead sound is way "thicker".
  12. Sorry for the late reply, but I did not get any notifications via email. Meanwhile I´ve bought the Helix LT. Before trying with my Marshall stuff, I wanted to learn how to use the LT with what I have at home. This is a Hughes and Kettner Tube 50. So I´ve plugged my guitar into the "guitar in" of the Helix and then from the 1/4 out (left mono) into the guitar input (clean channel) of the Hughes and Kettner Tube 50. I´ve set the input volume of the Hughes and Kettner to a level, where it does not distort., when the guitar goes straight into it (without Helix). Then I used that same input level, when I went from the 1/4 output of the Helix LT into the Huges and Kettner. I turned the output volume knob of the Helix to a level, where I still get a clean sound, which is about a middle position. I´ve tried a lot, but everything sounds terribly thin! Aweful! Then I went from the 1/4 output of the Helix to the return of the H/K amp. This time it sounded thicker. But still not satisfying. There are endless videos on Youtube, but it´s hard to find something, where someone shows in detail, how to make a good sound with the LT going into a combo amp like the H/K. Why is it producing such a terrible thin sound, when I go from the 1/4 to the H/K guitar input? Even after some hours, I could not get a halfway "normal" guitarsound. Am I right to assume that I don´t need to set up a "cab" in the Helix signal chain, if I go into the H/K? I don´t get this. I´m rather dissappointed at the moment.
  13. First off, the last time I bought guitar equipment is about 20 years ago, so my questions may sound rather stupid. My current equipment is a Quadraverb, a Marshall JMP-1 and a Marshall 50/50 power amp. I control it with an Exef Midi switcher. The Exef switcher is having defects from time to time and my Quadraverb is maybe just not as good as the newer devices...:) What do I want? I still want to use my 50/50 Marshall poweramp with my Marshall speakers. I also want to use the JMP-1, because I love its sound. So here are my questions: - Can I control the JMP-1 via MIDI from the Helix LT? - Can I set up the Helix LT to ony use its effects and use the JMP-1 as preamp? If yes, can I bypass the JMP-1 without changing any cable setups, if I decide, maybe for just one song, to use the Helix LT as complete "soundmachine" (amp simulation+ effects)? Of course, I´d still use my Marshall poweramp in this case. - The Marshall 50/50 can be switched to another sound with a footswitch. Can the Helix LT do that switch, as well? If yes, can it do this with just a single press on one switch? That means, I just want to press down one single switch and move to another effect, switch my JMP-1 via Midi and switch my Marshall power amp to the other sound. is that possible?
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