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  1. Well I can attest, Helix floor is too complex of an audio device for a Boox Note Air. I am going to try an HX Stomp next and see if that works, I WAS able to get it to work with my XSonic Xtone Pro, my hope is since the Stomp has less ins and outs that it MIGHT work (not holding my breath). The other option I am testing out (which is not my favorite) is running a Bluetooth receiver into my helix floor that is connected to the Boox (since it does not have a headphone out jack).
  2. Contacted support and they got me fixed up...I had deleted all kinds of folders before and after reinstalling, etc was able to get older version of Native to work, the ticket was deleting these two folders. Folder 1: \ProgramData*\Line 6\Helix Native Folder 2: {user folder}\AppData*\Roaming\Line 6\Helix Native Once I deleted these two folders and reinstalled everything has been smooth sailing, hope that helps someone else!
  3. OK, so I have been looking at the Boox line of Android tablets (I use Mobilesheets for music and back tracks and love the idea of Digital Ink displays when playing outside and trying to combat sunlight)....all that said, my understand is these should be work with Helix (ie I should be able to play audio from the android through the Helix floor connected via USB OTG). Has anyone done this, just would like real world confirmation not just a bunch of white papers of "it should".
  4. So I installed version 1 (which works on my machine), deleted all presets, IRs and did a factory restore. I then started downloading every version updating step by step. It breaks at version 1.92 (everything prior to that version works fine). ???
  5. No traces of the event in event viewer...it crashes the DAW completely (both Mixcraft and Reaper).
  6. Ha,,,yeah I miss read that as products that have NOT been covered...well shoot, this doesn't make me feel any better.
  7. Not sure if this crash dump would help any... I will see if I can get a crash dump from Reaper as well.. Mixcraft-Log.txt
  8. Since updating to Windows 11 Helix Native now crashes. I have tried on multiple DAWs, unauthorized, reauthorized, uninstalled, reinstalled, etc. Oddly I was able to get it to load when I when back to version 1.0. So far 3.11 and 3.15 neither one work. As I get time I will keep looking to see if ANY older version (besides v1) will work. Any updates on Windows 11 Compatibility testing?
  9. WHY did I not think of this, I always forget you can set what you want the big knob to control!!! So since I am disabling all ToneMatch settings on these S1s and running them as FRFR I would assume it would be best to send "Line" on the 1/4 outs? Thanks so much!
  10. I currently run my helix direct to FOH (usually through XLR or 1/4). I currently have 2 Bose S1s that I am going to be running on stage. What I am THINKING about doing is running my headphone out (through a TRS to dual XLR Ycable) into my two S1s, this will allow me to control the on stage volume with my phones volume knob and big knob will control the level I am sending to FOH.....would this work OK, am I missing something?
  11. Does anyone know if the Helix passes both MSB and LSB values? Here is the scenario I am sending a bank select and program change from my PC to my BeatBuddy that is connected to my Helix via Midi (using the Helix as the midi controller). PC (usb) -> Helix -> (midi) BeatBuddy My program change sends are working but the bank select that requires both MSB and LSB values is not. I am starting to suspect that the Helix is NOT passing these values along.
  12. Long time NI GuitarRig user, I have a few questions to see if the Helix LT will fit the bill for my GR replacement. Currently I use a Tele with a Fishman power bridge (ie a Hybrid), I run stereo out from the guitar (right channel is the eclectic and the left channel is the fish man power bridge), into my GR floor controller. I send the two singles down two different chains and then use a split that is assigned to an expression pedal to pan between the two signals. This allows me to play a blend of both. Would a setup like this be possible in Helix LT (the most important part being the assignment of the split to the expression pedal)? Hope my description makes sense.
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