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  1. I bought a Spider V 60 about 5 months ago. I’ve just started to notice that I’m getting significant distortion with every preset in the amp. This is incredibly frustrating when I just want a clean tone. I’ve tried a factory reset but it hasn’t cleaned it up. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Smoofness

    Spider V 60 - Getting distortion in every effect

    I’ve tried multiple different amp types. I have turned off all distortion in the presets (though the clean presets come with no distortion included). I have tried reducing the “drive†to near zero while increasing volume. Nonetheless the distortion is present at all times. I would have thought if it was an issue with my settings, the multiple factory resets would have reset that to a true clean sound on those kind of presets.
  3. Smoofness

    Spider V 60 - Getting distortion in every effect

    I’m playing a Gibson Les Paul and have a FBV Shortboard MKII hooked up. I’ve tried with different cables with no difference. I’ve tried playing my guitar with another amp and the distortion is not present. I’ve basically gone through the pre-loaded effects and gotten distortion on each one (eg Silky Deluxe, Jazz Clean, Rock Clean, Blues Clean, which should all be distortion free)