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  1. my 69s is [i was told by shop] made in sth korea. 1/ i also have trouble finding the correct allen key size to adjust action lugs 2/ during an international flight with my axe one of the action adjustment lugs [grub screws] rattled lose and is MIA. anyone know the SIZE of these grub screws so i can buy replacements? Or WHERE i can buy them [i live in Osaka Japan, so internet option is best for me]. i agree with several other people who said that there is a TOTAL LACK OF SPEC INFO ON THE JAMES TYLER/LINE 6 WEBSITE. Ridiculous!! and UNPROFESSIONAL! it is not like the info on hex wrench sizes or grub screw widths is patented trade secret! WTF! Thanks, GOTH ps, any info on setting the correct amount on floating bridge height on 69s is appreciated.
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