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  1. Thanks, I will probably upgrade again to try that. Or even better, does it work for you? Are you on 3.01?
  2. I also noticed this! For me it’s a real bummer. I’ve found a way to use it in a sort of side chain compressor way, and I use it all the time. Had to downgrade to 2.91 again.
  3. So, I want to use Ableton Live to send program changes etc. Helix wants a message over CC32 to change program, but for some reason CC32 is missing in Live. Any workarounds?
  4. YES! Somebody understands me! :D
  5. That's nice! Although, I would love to have the option of having the encoders acting like normal knobs, so that turning them 360 degrees would cover the entire span. For some functions you reeeeeaaally have to keep turning for a while to get to the other end.
  6. Ok, thanks! And that's not something that you miss? I'm guessing a direct response would be nice when for example fiddling with feedback and delay times etc.
  7. Is there a way to globally change the knob behavior? I do not own a Helix, but looking on demos you seem to have to turn the knobs quite a bit for anything to happen.
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