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  1. Thanks. I’ve cured it. Would you believe it was a duff cable. In fact, two duff cables both brand new. It seems in my various attempts at plugging it all together I only ever used the working cables when it was in guitar mode. A process of elimination found the issue. Weird. Everything sounds brilliant now. What a speaker the L3M is.
  2. Very timely. I just bought a second hand L3M and I’m having some trouble with it. In electric guitar mode it sounds excellent with the Helix plugged straight into the L3M. If I plug a music source into it, such as my phone, it sounds great in PA/Reference mode. Also, if I plug my electronic drum kit into it on PA mode it also sounds excellent. However, if I switch it to monitor or PA mode and plug the guitar into it any distorted guitar settings sounds dreadful. It sounds raspy and tinny and is unusable. Clean sounds are mostly fine. I bought the speaker to jam with some friends and have a Yamaha analogue mixer so figured I could set it to PA/Reference mode and connect us all to it via the mixer. I’ve compromised a bit by leaving it in electric guitar mode and tinkering with the mixer and the drum module to get a good sound out of the drums. However, I figure I must be doing something wrong. Any suggestions?
  3. I've subsequently found this list: http://line6.com/data/6/0a06439c99f353c8203e8a923/application/pdf/AMPLIFi_FactoryPresets%20v1.0%20-%20English%20%28%20Rev%20A%20%29.pdf Last night I started to write them out then got bored so that's saved me some time. lol. Odd that my 75 only had bank 1 tones and all the others were blank. It was new from a sealed box. Had I not reset it I'd never have 'discovered' them.
  4. Hi I recently bought an FBV3 to go along with my Amplifi 75. I plugged it all in and it all worked just fine. I then started to create some tones and save them to the tone banks. However, I got myself into a pickle as the Amplifi app kept crashing while I was creating the tones and it was proving to be a monumental waste of time. You just expect stuff to work. I decided to reset the Amplifi 75 and ever since then 24 of the banks are full of great tones for specific songs like Master of Puppets or a bank for metal, jass, blues, or specific amps etc. I can't see any indication that this is all standard stuff and the Amplifi never had them stored when I bought it from gear4music. The FBV 3 was sold as new from a guitar shop but it was clearly pre-owned when I got it. Does the FBV3 store anything in it? As I thought it it just relayed what was stored in the amp. It looks as if someone has gone to a lot of trouble to create all these great tones (there's 96 of them) I'm not complaining as there are loads of great tones in there.
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