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  1. Factory 2 : Hair of the dog => Hunger Strike from Temple of the dog
  2. I think it might be a good combination ^^. I will test it anyway ahah I just wonder what kind of saturation I should use. The one on the amplifier or the one on the hélix. Choosing the amplifier's may be annoying (the way to activate, kicking two switchs at the dame time)
  3. I see! Oh I've Another question. I have a Yamaha THR100 HDual amplifier, it can create really cool tones too, I can plug it in Stéréo and use its speaker simulator on each channel (I can use both the first and the second at the dame time). My question is, should I use this amplifier or should I but another one because of the hélix lt? Maybe a single clean channel would be better with the Helix lt no? Like a fender twin reverb or a peavey classic 30? What is your own config?
  4. It's really cool ! Thanks guys :p I think of buying one quickly :p
  5. Hello, I'm about to buy a Helix LT, and I would lie to know how could I plug it. Is it possible to plug the guitar in guitar in--->1/4"-->Amplifier AND in the same time using the send/return plugs in the FX loop of the amplifier? In order to use modulations like chorus/delay/reverb in the FX loop and the other effects like distorsion, compression, eq in front of the amplifier. Thanks, Ludo
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