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  1. Ok thanks, but about quality effects?
  2. Yes, it's correct but for my new project a need or to buy new pedal or helix. Where i should buy helix i have 30day to try it and go back if i dont like it
  3. Sfortunately i can't try helix before buy it and to buy it i must sell my pedalboard. Listening a lot of semple on youtube for me sound very good, but i want a feedback by who use it. On youtube there is a test helix vs timeline and owner say that some delay on helix are better... i dont know...for me is very important tape delay, chorus, phase,wah, boost and octaver.
  4. Hi guys, I'm going to buy helix lt but i have some questions. I will use it principally as multi fx with 4CM and real amp so for me is very important that modulation and delay are very good. In this moment I use timeline as delay, are there delays with similar quality or are they worse? The same question about mxr phase90 and mxr analog chorus. Other important features for me is the trasparency,how is it? Now I have a very good pedalboard but I'm working for a project and I need a lot of pedal, so i want a multifx that don't make me regret my pedalbord that I have to sell to buy the new one. ​Other thing, what is the difference between IR and Cab sim? Can i create them or I must buy? ​thanks and good music
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