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  1. simple77guy

    Old long floorboard

    hey thank you it works yay i pushed the wah pedal just a little hard and the light came on and all works but it switches off the volume then i have to hit the volume on and pretty much serves it purpose for my playing style thank you all for saving me a headache
  2. simple77guy

    Old long floorboard

    hi im new and from australia sydney and please forgive me if ive posted on the wrong forum anyhow i bought a line 6 spider mk 2 212 valve amp and also a fbv longboard all works fine eccpet the wah pedal dont work dont work, meaning there is no light lighting it up, im a novice and do any of you ladies or gentlemen know how to turn this wha pedal on apart from that all works fine bought new cat5 e cable and also tryed cat 5 cable same results both are fairly new please help or point me in the right directing and help if apreciated