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  1. Well that answers that lol, mines the standard , not the XL or Plus, so only the plus will allow you to add a cab and run the 2 together, that sucks! Used to have the XL, your right it's heavy as you like ha ha! Am I right in thinking I can plus the pedal board I have into any line 6 and run it three with the saved patches! May as well buy a larger line 6! Iv only ever had a Flextone III And swear buy it, just looks tiny on stage hence wanting the extra cab!
  2. So as Iv not got the xl or plus I'm screwed is what your saying? If I buy the XL it would work?
  3. Hi, more than likely a daft question! Got a Flextone 3 combo and bought a Laney 2x12 cab as my Flextone not a xl...I can't get the amp AND cab to work at the same time, it's either one or the other!! Any tips or am I being a retard!
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