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  1. Thank you silverhead, I downloaded Reaper and chose the Line 6 ASIO driver and it worked just fine. As with my device comes a Cubase LE license (you get it when you register your device here on the website) I tried to figure out how to choose the driver in cubase which you can read here: https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/360000806624-VST-Audio-Connections-Setting-up-an-audio-interface-in-Cubase-Nuendo Funny thing: today also came the reply from the line 6 support: ========= Message from YGG ========= Hello peter223. Your Line 6 Support Ticket was updated with the following message: Hi, you cannot record both signals with the Windows driver, it is either the guitar or Mic signal Best regards Line 6 Support Europe ==================================== Good that I asked here too :) Regards
  2. Hi silverhead, so in Audacity I can choose three drivers (MME, Windows Direct Sound, Windows WASAPI). I used MME up until now, trying Direct Sound and WASAPI does not help either. Problem: I want to record the guitar input and voice over the port microphone at the same time (possible with my iPad). I have a switch on the port with three symbols (guitar, microphone with two rings, microphone with one rings). I also have the direct monitor switched on. When I select the guitar, I can hear only the guitar, when I select microphone with two rings, I can hear only the voice and with the microphone with one rings I can hear voice AND guitar. When I selected the guitar, I can record it, when I select the microphone with two rings, I can record only the voice, the same for the microphone with one rings. So how can I record guitar and voice at the same time?
  3. I downloaded the driver and installed it. I chose Digital Audio Interface (Line 6 Sonic Port) as Input and Speakers (Line 6 Sonic Port) as Output in Audacity. How can I select a driver for Audacity? Could you send a screenshot where you configure it?
  4. Hi! When I use Sonic Port XV on my iPad I can record voice and guitar at the same time using the switch on the side and selecting the microphone symbol with one ring only. When I do the same on the PC (using Audacity) I only get the voice on both of the microphone symbols and only the guitar on the guitar symbol. Does the recording of both at the same time work for you guys out there? What do I need to change on my system? Kind regards Bastian
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