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  1. After doing a setup on the standard I have decided to return it...uneven frets...buzzing no matter how much relief and tweaking I did :(
  2. I got the standard for here in UK
  3. I went for the standard....with the main purpose of the guitar being emulation, and them both being the same ,after some delibribartion I just couldn't drop that kind of money on a Korean axe... Standard it is. I have other guitars for normal duties. I bought the standard for song writing, inspiration and a tool for the studio.
  4. My standard arrives tomorrow Does the standard come with workbench ? Also what are my options for power? I will be using the standard in my studio so charging the battery all the time will become tiresome. I don't need loads of fx as I already have an Eleven rack I use...so something cheap I can power the guitar with would be good... Cheers
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