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  1. Hey Cruisinon2 Firstly, thanx so much for your response. I'm currently using a Boss Katana Head with a 2x12 Katana Cab, plugging into the Return jack. Not sure if this is a good decision or should I use my PA powered speakers? Thanx once again for taking the time to clarify things for me. Cheers!!!!!
  2. Hey ALL. Just got myself a used JTV89F and for the most part the models seem to work, but have noticed that the acoustic models seem to NOT SOUND like acoustic models when I use them through my HELIX LT. Are there any particular AMP models I need to use or something I'm not doing right? As I've mentioned I'm a newbie to VARIAX so ANY and ALL help will be appreciated. Looking forward to hearing from some of you tech gurus. My sincere Thanx in advance for all help rendered.
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