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  1. I’ve had my Helix floor for a few weeks and have been running it out to two Headrush FRFR. I got a 5150III today and am trying to figure something out. I love the tones the 5150III puts out and I’d like to run my Helix into that to use its effects. But I also have a bunch of presets with amp models and effects I already love the tones coming out of the two FRFR. How can I have both setups exist together and not have to move cables around? I don’t think the 4CM gives me what I want. If I need to pick up some A/B/Y pedals I’ll do it, but I’d prefer being able to use the Helix to control this setup giving me the Best Of Both Worlds.
  2. The answer to my question is yes, the Headrush Expression Pedal works with the Helix. My Helix Floor came in the other day and I’ve been playing through that almost exclusively. I did some A/B’ing between the Helix and Headrush and found I can get the tones coming out of the Helix to match the tones I want to hear. The Headrush isn’t a bad product. Helix is just better. Love the amp and effect choices on the Helix, as well as the tones. My only concern is the limitation on the # of IR the Helix can store. I have a much larger # on my Headrush. I’ll handle this by going through my IR collection and putting only the ones I’ll actively use onto the Helix. It’s not a but deal, just takes some time and planning. When I make a preset that uses an IR I’ll have to spend some time swapping the IRs around to test them. Back to the Headrush expression pedal. I connect it to EXPR2 on the Helix with a TRS cable and setup a few different patches to use it for Volume, keeping the built in Helix expression pedal for wah. The Headrush expression pedal worked fine for this. I don’t use a volume pedal often and only have a couple songs I use wah and a volume pedal at the same time.
  3. I'm currently a Headrush user and use the Headrush Expression Pedal with it. I'm thinking of picking up a Helix to see what I'm missing. I know Helix and Helix LT have a built in expression pedal, but I thought it'd be nice to use that for wah and an external expression pedal for volume while I'm checking out Helix. The Headrush Expression Pedal has a TRS expression output connection and a TS output to connect the Headrush Expression Pedal's toe switch to the Headrush. This expression pedal is built like a tank and is very smooth. Looking at the Helix and Helix LT manuals it looks like there's just a single input for an external expression pedal, probably a TRS, not a TRS input and a TS input like on the Headrush. Can the Headrush Expression Pedal be used with either a Helix or Helix LT? Here's the Headrush Expression Pedal: https://www.headrushfx.com/products/expression-pedal
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