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  1. SD123

    Helix + H9

    Any chance you guys would be willing to share the patch you have that works with an H9? I have got a gig coming up where i would like to drive everything via the Helix with my 2 H9s, but every time i have tried to get them working together as a stereo setup it's not sounded great...any tips appreciated!!
  2. Still struggling with this - any chance you know of a working patch i could use to test this with? Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks - i will try and give it a go later on today if i can find some time!! Will let you know how i get on... Simon
  4. Please can someone help?! Having built up a great sounding stereo rig using 2 amps and a series of pedals through FX loops etc, I am now trying to get this working with my new Helix - the problem i am finding is that the H9s etc don't sound great through any of the current FX loop configs I have tried myself and would love to see if anyone else has had more luck than me... Can people suggest the best way to set up a patch (or share their example patch with me somehow) which means i can leave my amps at home finally, and use my Helix to run the same setup with the FX loop sounding great?! See attached file for high-level example of what i am currently lugging around... Thanks
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