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  1. At least on my Helix, that's not possible. 1a to 1b isn't an option. How do you do it?
  2. In pic two you'll see that it shows that it's going to multi however you'll also see that I've turned this outputndown to effectively zero so nothing is being delivered to multi. This method is call Super Serial and is in the Helix manual.
  3. Hey all, I am loving my Helix and I set out to recreate my previous "real" rig that was in the style of all the big modern worship guys. Stereo effects INTO two amps (in this case an AC30 and a Deluxe Reverb). I am sharing this because I've noticed most people either don't run stereo or they run their delays and verbs AFTER the dual amps, creating mono amps and into stereo time based effects. The way I'm sharing is just like a real pedalboard and two amps. Stereo delays and reverbs with left going into one amp and and right into another, and then the final output is one amp on the left with left effects and the other on the right with right effects. I feel this is more accurate to a real stereo setup and especially where were aren't doing high gain we don't have to worry about delays and verbs after the amp gain stage. Hope you find this cool/useful. As a side note I use snapshots so I don't need tons of delay blocks and etc just to get different sounds, with snapshots I am able to completely tweak the settings of each effect so that its like having a ton of different delays. But thats for another conversation. First I made a "super serial" path out of path one. I did this primarily because I needed more space for blocks. Its done by inserting a Split Y at the end of my first path and then turning down the volume to -120db at the end of the path (note that my delays and verbs are STEREO models) and then send it down to path 2A: Next I insert another Split Y with Balance A hard panned left and Balance B hard panned right: Then on output 2A I hard panned left: And on output 2B I hard panned right:
  4. Hello, just got my Helix three days ago and it is amazing! I have two questions for the forum. I've purchased IR's from Ownhammer and I have had two issues. This is all why using the Helix app on my PC and with studio monitors. I think the Helix is being used as the sound card when I plug it into USB. One is when I try to upload the IR's nothing happens most of the time. Every once in a while I get lucky and they upload. Anyone else experience that? The other is, when picking a IR as block and then scrolling through them I get this horrific loud screeching squealing noise come through the monitors and turning the volume down on the Helix does nothing. It takes several seconds for it to go away. Any ideas?
  5. Thank you, Can you assign a different amp for each return? And then pan each hard right or left?
  6. Hey there, I'm looking at some options with my rig and going direct in PA and DAW etc. So I'm wanting to use my normal pedalboard and use the Helix like 2 amps in stereo. I want to run my stereo board out to the Helix LT, so out of a Strymon Bigsky in stereo into LT and then have two different amps (say an AC30 for the left side of my signal and a Deluxe for the right). Then out the XLRs direct into FOH with AC30 on left and Deluxe on right. I know there is a stereo effects loop but I'm not really wanting to run the effects post amp, but rather pre amp just like do with a real amp (or two amps for that matter). I think you can use on of the returns as a second guitar input. Anywho, is what I'm wanting to do possible? If so how?
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