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  1. Thanks for all the great ideas! I've simply decided that I don't get off enough on the required tweaking to keep putting in the effort. It was a fun experiment and I can imagine trying it again in a year or two, but at the moment, family life with three little kids keeps my list of priorities very streamlined. If I don't love doing it (or if I don't get bitched at for not doing it) I aint doing it! But again, thanks for the help and perhaps we'll see each other again soon.
  2. Depends on how you look at it :) Siince I was bringing my HRD anyway, I decided to also bring my "old" pedal board in order to compare everything: 1) Helix direct into the PA only (got lost in the mix) 2) Helix into the PA and through my amps effects loop simultaneously (sounded good) 3) HRD alone with my normal pedal board (also sounded good) Looks like I'm going to return the Helix LT. A big part of my Helix experiment was to see if it could replace my amp but it doesn't simplify things for me since I need to either have my amp or a dedicated FRFR anyway. I can see the value for performing often or needing a wide variety of tones, but I don't have those needs. And it (or a newer, better version of it) will always be there if I change my mind later :)
  3. Everyone is using amps that feed into the PA. I'll drag my HRD along tonight and give it a whirl.
  4. Good point. We're a quartet: 2 guitarists, bass and drums. We play a mix of blues, rock and reggae.
  5. Thanks for all the feedback. I'm hearing that I should: Build a new patch at my practice tonight Use a high/low cut right after the amp block Low cut: 100 Hz+ High cut: 8 kHz+ Consider having a dedicated speaker for myself This last one is a bit of a bummer as I was hoping to cut down on the gear I lug back and forth to our practice room and there is something zen about just plugging the Helix in to our mixer. I recently bought a Hot Rod Deluxe in order to use the effects loop to practice at low level at home. I could take this with me, but would prefer not to if I could solve my issue some other way. Yeah, where do most people stand on this?
  6. Hey guys - I'm new here and just bought a helix LT. I had my first weekly jam session and played mainly straight to the PA with a wedge monitor directly in front of me. It sounded great when I played alone, but I found it was very hard to hear myself with everyone else playing at full volume. We worked quite a bit on adjusting volume, but I was still having a hard time cutting through the mix when playing rhythm. Lead wasn't really an issue. I found this recipe on the Line 6 Community which I'll first be able to try on Tuesday: Global EQ Low Gain -- 0 Mid Gain -- 0 High Gain -- 0 Low Cut -- 90Hz High Cut -- 6K Speaker block/IR settings Low Cut -- 70Hz High Cut -- 7.2K Any other suggestions?
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