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  1. Thank you guys ! I also saw a video of Glenn De Laune, he connects the Helix with the PC via L6 link XLR cable. So the XLR output of the PC could then go into FOH. I'll try this for my next gig. Regards,
  2. Thanks for your reply. What goes to FOH then, Helix or PC ?
  3. Hi, What would be the right or the best way to use a PC112 Plus as floor monitor on stage with Helix : e.g. Helix 1/4 out -> PC 1/4 in , PC XLR out -> FOH, or better ? Thank you !
  4. Thank you so much for the help ! I found out that midi commands cannot be send from FS5 to FS8 that I use to change my presets with, within a bank (FS5-8 are set to ABCD) They can only be send from FS1 to FS4. So apparently one cannot change a preset and send a midi message with the same footswitch.
  5. Hello, is there anybody who knows how to set up the midi control of the POD with the Powercab 112 plus ? I know that by simply connecting a midi cable between the Pod and the PC, makes the presets on the PC change with the presets on the POD with the same number. But then I have to make a preset on the PC for each corresponding preset on the POD (I play in a cover band and have like 30 presets...) Is there any way to program a number of presets on the POD so that they all combine with one and the same preset (cabinet, FRFR or whatever) on the PC ? I'm trying to find a way to program midi commands in the Controllers menu available in POD HD Edit, but without succes up to now ! Thanks a lot for your help, much appreciated ! Marc
  6. Hi guys , I will try this, thank you very much !
  7. Hi there, The powercab manual says that you need to "set the POD HD device to +4 dB" when connecting to the Powercab. Does anybody know how this is done please ? I choose output mode "studio/direct" on the POD and is sounds OK to me. Thanks !
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