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  1. Ok, now i understand, thanks a lot. But now i inserted Pod Farm into Cubase, but it doesn't work there. It's open, but there seems to be no input signal
  2. You mean the line out? So there's no way that the sound of the GX goes via PC en from then on to the speakers?
  3. Hello, My Toneport GX is connected to my pc. Guitar plugged in, I see it is working in podfarm, but there's no sound coming out of my pc speakers. What am i doing wrong?
  4. Sorry Triryche, I'm a morron when it comes to technical things like this. This is the first time i use an interface with Cubase, so i'm on a limp here :-)
  5. I'm using it in Cubase with the Studio GX. I can't hear the guitar when I play, but when i record and replay the track in Cubase, I can hear the guitar.
  6. My Pod Farm doesn't show input and output in the mixer view. So i can 't select instrument in input. Can anyone help me with this problem?
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