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  1. Ok this cleared up alot for me, thanks
  2. What settings should I use? So far I've tried using the 1/4" out and the XLR out in a live setting, and had far better results using the 1/4". Using the XLR, I couldn't get the output loud enough - even with the master set to full the sound guy was saying that he had to turn me up on the desk to the point of clipping. Which isn't good. I had the XLR switch set to ground, could that be the problem? I did not have the same problem when I used the 1/4" out into the desk, the levels were spot on and I had my master switch only set to halfway. I have the 1/4" switch set to "Line" instead of "Amp", is that what you would use when plugging into the PA? I'd be happy to use the 1/4" instead of the XLR out, but sounds guys seem to favour using XLR. Maybe better signal quality? Anyway, if you've had experience using your POD straight into the desk I'd like to hear about your experiences, what settings and cables you prefer to use, etc. Thanks guys.
  3. This is probably what I'll end up doing, don't really wanna remove the knobs in case I damage something.
  4. Anyone know if there's a way of doing this? By 'main knobs' I mean the 6 that are on the front of the pedal - drive, bass, mid, treble, presence and volume. The reason I'm asking this is because I already have my patches exactly how I want them, so the only think that I need to tweak is the master volume. A few times I've accidentally nudged one of the knobs with a cable or my foot, and that causes the tone to completely change. I don't want this to happen when I'm on stage! Cheers!
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