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  1. Thanks, thats definitely good to know! Now I can just tweak each patch in my XTlive for the newer guitar.
  2. My duo partner just bought a brand new JVT59 (his first Variax) so I basically dumped all my XTLive patches in to his XTLive and he can tweak them to his liking. I just figured it might save him weeks of dialing in patches and stage volumes.
  3. Im still using an old XtLive and theres about 20 preset patches in there Ill never us. Im basically going to copy my first 5 bank to banks 6-10. Then Ill tweak each patch with the JTV. If I use the Variax 500, Ill use the first 5 banks; the JTV, banks 6-10. Its the only way I can see to use the JTV and have the 500 as backup. Hey, theres always a way! Thanks for all the input, gang! I guess my remaining question is: the 500 was easier to see the guitar lineup with the 5-way toggle. Are the guitar sounds lined up in the same order on the JVT59? My XTlive has my Variax selections saved so I was hoping the same patches would be triggered in the new guitar. I did a quick run though my patches and some guitars sound very different and way different volumes. This can all be adjusted but I was hoping a Strat Spank in the JVt59 is in the same place as the 500. See what I mean? Say patch A1 is a Les Paul position 2 for my 500, will it also be a Les Paul position 2 when I plug in the JTV59? And up the list....
  4. I pulled the trigger on a used JTV-59. I guess I thought I could switch between my older 500 and the new one with my XTLive but this new guitar sounds different in all my patches than my old one. Did the sounds change? Nothing is easy.
  5. Im new to the Forum so even though this thread is two years old I found it helpful. I haven't played guitar in a band for several years but jumping back on the train. Naturally I chose my Variax 500 which has always been my go-to guitar since I bought it in maybe 2004 for $480. Its been sitting in its bag for about 4 years but still feels and sounds great. A new set of strings and off to the races. The only reason Id love to upgrade is the tuning knob on the newer ones. That, and Im still using a PodXT Live. My Mac won't support the older workbench where I did all of my editing and saving at the time. I know I should just go ahead an get a n HD500x but Ive got so many patches and guitar cues in the XTLive that I dread all that re-dialing again. You can't just move your patches to the HD500. The Standard seems to be the most affordable choices. Will the XTLive control the tuning of the guitar within the floorboard patch like it does the guitar sound? Or maybe just buying an HD 500 and still using my 500 guitar. That way I can get Workbench back again and program the tuning changes into patches. Who knows. I guess I gotta start poking around again. Been out of practice and even the XTLive seems new to me. The brain starts to forget as you get older..LOL! I do have a Les Paul, Strat and Gibson Acoustic electric but the Vaiax just makes more sense on stage when you need all three of those guitars.
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