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  1. I figured it out!!! Thanks all!
  2. Ok. I know this might sound dumb, but hear me out. I'm having serious problems finding any real walkthrough of how to make a snapshot in HX effects that will allow me to have 4 individual settings for a song derived from the same base effects in a preset. I essentially want to "walk through" the 3-4 settings I might have in any given songs seamlessly and without audio gaps. I can't really make sense of how to do it based on the information in the manual. Does anyone have a legitimate video walk through they've referenced to get an idea of how to make snapshots in a way that would enable you to map out an entire setlist with seamless sound transitions? I'm pretty lost, the only snapshot settings I've been able to come up with all sound the same, and have ALL my effects in the preset on at once. Gah! Thanks! -Mitch
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