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  1. Thank you for the tip. Yes, the multimeter tells me that ground has been broken. But it gets worse, I've opened it to check for a possible broken wire and made the worst possible discovery: blown components: Would Line 6 service be able to repair something like this or will I have to get used to my mono HX Stomp.
  2. Maybe also worth noting that the buzz is there even before I turn the Stomp on (on the left output only).
  3. The plot thickens! Today I've discovered that if I plug my amp into the OUTPUT-RIGHT jack the noise/hum becomes close to negligible (somewhere in between the hum of a humbucker pickup and that of a single coil). It does not make a difference which input jack I plug my guitar into, left or right. I am using a completely empty preset (no blocks). If I go back to the OUTPUT-LEFT jack, the hum is clearly audible (and annoying) even at practice volumes. I've the tried Behringer Hum Destroyer and that helped a bit. It about halved the loud hum from the OUTPUT-LEFT jack. Interestingly, it has no discernible effect on the (quieter) hum I get from the OUTPUT-RIGHT jack. I've tried an AC filter and that made no difference whatsoever. Although using OUTPUT-RIGHT is a good solution most of the time, I would like to use the Stomp on my stereo rig, so I am very keen to fix this issue. Could it possibly be a problem with my unit?
  4. Here is a simplistic schematic of my setup. Amp and power supply connected to the same power strip. No HX Stomp involved. No other equipment connected to the strip or wall power socket. Guitar cable on one end connected to the amp and, on the other, simply hovering near the DC-3G power plug (without touching it). That's enough to cause the loud hum. If I plug the cable to a guitar, instead, I can play it with only minimal amount of buzz.
  5. All devices are connected to the same power strip. Forgot to add that bit. How could it be a ground loop it there is no physical contact between the two devices other than via the power strip? And isn't the stomp not grounded? Thanks for replying.
  6. I get a lot of hum coming from the amp's speakers when I use my HX Stomp. Through careful elimination, I've found it to be caused by the Stomp's power supply. I initially thought it was the Stomp itself but then noticed that it happens even with the unit turned off, as long as the power supply is connected. As a matter of fact, simply bringing the cable (the one plugged to the amp) close to the power supply or its lead is enough to bring the hum back. They don't even need to touch and the power supply doesn't need to be connected to the stomp either. As long as the power supply is plugged to the wall, bringing the cable near the power supply's unconnected plug is enough to cause the hum. Unfortunately the hum is also there when everything is connected and turned on. If I unplug the power supply from the wall, the hum stops. I cannot replicate the problem with any one of my other two power supplies (for pedals and a preamp, respectively). Has anybody experienced anything similar? The Stomp stock supply can't be that noisy, can it? Maybe mine has got a problem? Any tips would be much appreciated. Thank you, Marcelo
  7. Hi, all. First time posting in the forum. Love my HX Stomp and have just now started to experiment using it for to home recording. I've plugged it into my MacBook via USB and I'm using Garageband as my DAW software. After a bit of fiddling around, I was finally able to track my guitar unprocessed via USB input 5 (for subsequent processing via Helix Native). I'm completely new to recording but I was expecting the signal to come in louder than it does. It is audible but the wave shape is barely noticeable. The recording level slider is greyed out so I assume I can't set the gain on Garageband but it also looks like there is no gain nob on the Stomp unit for outputs 5&6. Is this low signal level working as intended? I've read elsewhere in these forums that that might be the case given 24bits resolution and good gain staging practices but I wanted to double check since it looks awfully low to my untrained eyes. Any guidance will be much appreciated. -Marcelo
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