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  1. I specifically use only one universal preset utilizing snapshots that I designed for live use with my cover band "The RISK". I'm currently in the process of integrating my Roland VG-99 within the preset to accommodate for acoustic modeling, alternate tunings and synth sounds, but I digress... My main question: Is there a way to lockdown the Bank Up/Down (or Preset) footswitches? You see, I tend to be a bit of a bumble foot and have on numerous occasions hit one of these and moved on to a totally different preset that I would not normally use. This does not fair well come solo time and instead of engaging my solo snapshot I end up on a funk rhythm preset, ha, ha. My temporary remedy has been to copy my main preset to all other preset locations. This works OK except for the fact that my snapshot default is my Roland (Clean) one. So, if i accidentally engage either preset up or down footswitches instead of, say, my Marshall (Crunch) snapshot, I'll still end up with my main preset but the Roland (Clean) snapshot would be engaged instead. Maybe I'll have to design a physical footswitch guard... Hoping that someone understands my particular dilemma and can provide for me an answer! Thanks & Peace Out! - JP
  2. Is there a way of assigning the Note-Sync portion of the Delay Time to a particular Snapshot? When I do it effects all the other Snapshots, which is not what I want. I do have the Snapshot Edits Preference set to Recall under Global Settings which is working well with all other Snapshot Controller Assignments with the exception of Note-Sync. Is there something I'm missing? Thanks for any information and help regarding this matter... :)
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