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  1. I found that I can load the background track on my computer with audacity and play along with that and also record at the same time. I tried the aux out to computer mic input but the computer did not like the impedance and only got a crackling noise. The only problem with using the computer and recording with audacity is that I can't do it with headphones and disturbing other people in the house. (The noise, not that I play that bad.) So still no luck with recording along with the amps drum loops.
  2. Hi, new here. I can not find any reference to this question on the forum so I thought i would ask. I like to play backing tracks from my phone thru the aux input to play along with. I would also like to record this to my computer thru the usb port. The guitar records fine but there is no sound from the backing track. I also cannot record the drum loops from the amp thru the usb. Is there any way to get these to go thru the usb port to computer? Not sure if i'm doing something wrong or there is some setting to change or if this is just not possible. Using Audacity to record and it records the guitar perfectly but nothing else. Great thanks to anyone with a solution.
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